July 2022

Finally, let's get together again

After "Let's Connect" LingeriePRO Tradefair edition at the end of January 2020, we mainly spoke digitally and sometimes saw each other. On our event "Let's Connect Again" last October 2021, we really felt how we crave meeting.
How wonderful now it is to say that the 40th edition of LingeriePRO can finally take place on Sunday 31 July and Monday 1 August 2022 at the new location in Kortrijk Xpo Hall 1.

July 2016

LingeriePRO : The point is…

... that LingeriePRO is more than ever the central point where the industry meets and interacts with each other, in short, where the future unfolds.
That is why we certainly do not place the point at the end of our new logo, but in the middle, that was launched in 2016 in response to a new house style. A fresh wind blows through LingeriePRO.

LingeriePRO : The point is…

August 2009 - January 2016

LingeriePRO Tradefair

Still growing interest from new exhibitors, more and more professional visitors ... so in August 2009 we moved very close to Hangar 29 - Waagnatie Expo & Events with 50 enthusiast companies.

LingeriePRO Tradefair Antwerp grew over the 15 following editions to become the undisputed leading tradefair for the lingerie and swim wear industries in the famous Benelux.

At this moment 120 exhibitors, representing more than 350 brands, meet 2 times a year to create the future of the lingerie branche together with the professional retail business.

February 2001 - January 2009

LingeriePRO Location for purchase

Eleven companies took the initiative to start the first edition of LingeriePRO as a “location for purchase” in Hotel Serwir in St-Niklaas, where we stayed for 3 editions.

Starting from August 2002 the meeting point moved to Stuurboord – Hangar 26 in Antwerp. During the last edition in January 2009 there were 32 companies showing their collections at this spot.