16 Apr 2020Let's Hope to Celebrate

Last night we hoped to get some clearness on what the Belgian government would report to us regarding events in the coming months. The date of August 31 was quickly stated as a kind of fait-divers: "mass events such as festivals will certainly not take place until the end of August," said our Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès. The question immediately arises: what is a mass event? To get certainty about this, we will have to wait for the National Security Council to be held Friday, April 24.


Every day we alternate with the lingerie sector via telephone, mail, social media, mainly using Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. We have already heard colleagues from all over Europe with producers, shopkeepers, agents, importers and there is one constant fact in the conversation: “we do not know (yet)”.


We therefore do not know (yet).


What we already do know is that the original planning to organize the 40th LingeriePRO on Sunday 26 and Monday 27 July 2020 in Antwerp is no longer feasible.


In the meantime, we have not been idle and several alternatives are discussed. As long there is no clarity about events in the future, we, as LingeriePRO team, will not be launching any alternatives that may need to be adjusted again afterwards, for instance: what about international visitors and exhibitors, will they be able to travel, …?

Through our various channels we further inform, inspire and question our stakeholders in order to be able to offer a 'Let's Hope to Celebrate' LingeriePRO on….


Date to be determined later, as soon as there is more clarity.



#staysafe #staypositive #stayconnected.


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