The LingeriePRO Tradefair becomes a must in the buying policies of specialist shops

A superb evolution!

At the end of the year 2000, a group of 11 producers, importers and agents gathered and completed the first LingeriePRO plans. The concept has grown considerably since, and here we are: the 39th edition. This evolution without revolution gives both the exhibitors and the visitors of the LingeriePRO Tradefair a feeling of comfort and conviviality every time.

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The ideal entrance!

Except for 3 editions, LingeriePRO has always remained true to its roots on the banks of the river Scheldt. At this very moment the part of Het Eilandje district is one of the trendiest locations in Antwerp, and Hangar 29 - Waagnatie Expo & Events is its fundamental base. A total surface of approx. 6000m² and an ideal location near the city centre make this former dock, from where the Red Star Line departed for America in the past, the ideal base for a fabulous mix of work, lingerie and relaxation in the city of Antwerp.

Our sector evolves constantly and the professional suppliers consider LingeriePRO as an accessible event where most specialist lingerie shops can meet for 2 whole days. Contracts are signed here and lead to excellent future client-supplier relations. In addition, the buyers of specialist lingerie shops understand they can save a lot of time by placing most of their orders during those days.

The international fame of LingeriePRO Tradefair continues to grow every year and the European companies increasingly look at the lowlands for their business. With its central location, LingeriePRO is the ideal meeting place for the Benelux lingerie market.

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